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Get a glimpse into our operation with these pictures and videos from all around the globe! These are real people with real lives who really matter! If this looks fun and rewarding to you, contact us about getting involved, and maybe YOU will find yourself in some of these pictures and videos!

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.Indy Met Students
FoH Largest System
.Fire in India
.Rub A Dub Dub
Burkina Faso
Brothers in Haiti
Binga Zimbabwe
Christy and Madison
India Girls
India Artwork
FoH Interns
Teaching about water
Larry at Cote de Fir
Haiti Home
India orphans
Nepal family
Bill with FOH Interns
We Advance
India Homes Burn Down
Kenya Revival
Nepal Widow
Three Amigos
Madisons Baptism in Haiti
Haiti Girl
Last Connection
India Man Carrying Water
Uganda Children Singing
Tank Diving
Haiti Boys at School
Cathy in Zimbabwe
Beautiful India Girls
Circle in Uganda
Nepal Earthquake Hospital Damage
Nepal Earthquake
Nepalise Girls
Karen in Zimbabwe
Water system
Haiti slums