How It Works

How the Purifier Works


Chlorination has protected the United States and other countries for over a century and has saved more lives than perhaps any other technology. Most people are not even aware of what it takes to enable safe water in the United States. It simply is readily available, unlike impoverished and disaster burdened areas of the world.

The Fountains of Hope Water Purification System utilizes the McGuire Water Purifier that creates chlorine from ordinary table salt to disinfect water and make it safe for drinking. The water purifier uses electricity (AC or battery), table salt and water to create chlorine that kills harmful bacteria in the water. The purifier can treat up to 55 gallons per minute (3,600 gallons per hour)!

FoH One-Tank System 

The one-tank Fountains of Hope water purifier system provides safe water on an on-going basis. It has a quick disconnect system that allows it to be removed from the tank and safely stored away when not in use. When needed, the tank is filled with water then the water purifier kills the harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the water.

Our FoH one-tank system is a little cheaper than the two-tank system because you only purchase one tank and its associated hardware. The disadvantage to the one-tank system is that it must be shut down for at least one hour to allow the microorganisms to be killed and then sit for several additional hours to allow the chlorine to gas off / dissipate. Bill normally recommends that the one-tank system be refilled in the evening hours, purified then allowed to sit until the next morning so the chlorine can gas off. This means that the water is not available for at least 6-10 hours during the night hours.

With the FoH quick disconnect system, a second (or more) tank(s) can be installed at another nearby location with both utilizing the one purifier. You can also add a second tank to give you the two-tank flexibility of always have water available day or night as found in the next section.

FoH Two-Tank System 

Bill Farrar has designed Fountains of Hope’s unique two-tank system utilizing the McGuire Water Purifier, quick disconnect parts, a 25 mesh pre-filter, portable and folding solar panel, and a 12-volt battery. The Fountains of Hope design utilizes a carabiner and quick disconnect system which enables the water purifier to be stored safely away when the purifier is not in use.

The benefit of the two-tank system is that one tank is always available to obtain drinking water while the second tank is being filled up, purified and time is allowed for the chlorine to gas off. By the time the first tank is empty, the chlorine has dissipated to the point where the water is ready to drink with a minimal residual of chlorine taste. It is good having some residual chlorine as it disinfects the bucket or jerry-can container as people carry their water home.

The purifier can be moved from one tank to the other through a quick disconnect system. The two output valves can be locked (if the locking package is requested for an additional fee). This ensures that the correct tank is always open and is changed by the trained water team. Please contact Bill at (317) 289-9170 if you would like to see how the two-tank water purifier system works first hand.

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