Medical Facilities & Disaster Relief

Serving Medical Hospitals & Clinics

Fountains of Hope has a big heart for suffering people. Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi and Louisiana very hard and caused thousands of people to become homeless. Our response to the disaster was the beginning of our mission. Bill Farrar, our Founder and Executive Director took the first purifiers to Pass Christian, Mississippi, and from that moment, Fountains of Hope was birthed. There have been numerous other occasions where other volunteers met the urgent safe water needs in countries such as Haiti and India. Hurricanes and earthquakes plague certain areas of the world and Fountains of Hope is ready to take flight at any moment.

It is so much better to prevent the diseases from occurring by installing a water purifier system than to treat diseases medically afterwards. We love partnering with medical teams and hospitals to take water purification systems into places that are suffering from waterborne diseases. Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of thousands!

Serving Disaster Relief Victims

Fountains of Hope was born out of a passion to help victims of disaster. We will mobilize a clean water team and a medical team to help those in extreme need.

In October 2005, Rev. Reid Walker, Brian McCall and Bill Farrar went on a mission trip after Hurricane Katrina to Pass Christian, Mississippi and installed a water purification system at Pass Christian United Methodist Church to support the Salvation Army volunteers that made the church their headquarters.

Our founder, Bill Farrar, has a heart for helping people by going on the front lines where there are disasters. Bill was trained by Strategic World Vision in Disaster Assistance Relief Training and has been on disaster relief trips helping during Hurricane Katrina – Mississippi, USA, Post Election Violence – Kenya, Flooding Relief – Burkina Faso, Flood relief in Villahermosa, Mexico, 2010 Haiti Earthquake and Cholera Relief, Typhoid Outbreak in Ghana, the Earthquake in Nepal and Hurricane Matthew - Haiti in 2016.

How You Can Get Involved

Churches and mission groups can combine efforts with FoH to provide clean water in times of disaster and emergency to third world countries.

Join our disaster relief team and be prepared to go when called upon.

You can donate to either build or fund water purifier systems for those in need.

You can help us to introduce the ministry opportunity to your friends and family.

Consider helping to fund and build a trailer that can be used in times of disaster here in the USA. Please contact us today and learn how you can help!

Key Sponsors and Partners

Meet some of our sponsors and partners that help support our life-giving ministry efforts across the globe: