Mission and FoH Story

Our Mission

Fountains of Hope (FoH) is passionate about serving God’s people by providing safe, life-giving water to the marginalized of the world. FoH leads mission teams all over the world installing reliable and sustainable water purification systems.

The Fountains of Hope vision believes the future success of providing safe water to the world is built on developing relationships, not simply delivering “water hardware.” FoH encourages YOU to personally experience the adventure of taking life-changing, safe water devices into all corners of the world. We know if YOU or YOUR GROUP go into the world on an FoH Adventure, YOU will be committed for the rest of your life to the calling of providing safe, life-sustaining water.

The FoH Story


More than 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. Nearly all deaths, 99 percent, occur in the developing world. What will alter this fatal course?

Fountains of Hope International is committed to the installation, integration, and teaching of safe water solutions for the poor and most marginalized persons via water purification, well drilling, and health and hygiene education, especially during times of disaster or emergency. Fountains of Hope is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, faith-based organization, whose vision is to empower and equip the body of Christ to provide safe, life-sustaining, readily accessible water for all. 

Founder and executive director, Bill Farrar, an aeronautic professional and engineer, was working for a water purification manufacturer. In 2009, after streamlining the purification system, Bill had an epiphany. He knew he had to do more than manufacture the system; he had to take it to the people who needed it most. The horrific earthquake that shook Haiti on January 12, 2010, exploded into a desperate plea for safe water. Bill sprang into action and has not stopped since.

Fountains of Hope brought purification systems and hygiene training to the ailing Haitians, but the following cholera outbreak turned the recovering island into a death camp. Contaminated water is the main cause of cholera, sickening 530,000 Haitians since late 2010 and killing more than 7,000. Fountains of Hope has installed almost 100 purifiers in Haiti, bringing safe water to over 50,000 persons. Since 2009, Fountains of Hope has installed 195 purifier systems in 14 countries.


One man, Pastor Luc, has turned his tragedy into triumph since the cholera outbreak. Pastor Luc’s mother-in-law and father-in-law ran an orphanage in Drouin, Haiti. Both died in the aftermath of the cholera epidemic. Luc’s grief turned into his passion to save others. 23 purification systems along with the needed hygiene training have reached church communities in Haiti through the influence and assistance of Pastor Luc.

In La Digue Matthiou, Haiti 8,500 children receive water and nutrition packs along with safe water for the entire community thanks to the special FoH designed $12,000 purification system with five large 1000-gallon tanks. Five thousand gallons of water are drawn from the local river nearby then filtered and purified each day to provide safe water to re-hydrate the food packs.


For two thirds of the world, life is a constant struggle for water. In Binga, Zimbabwe women and children must walk six miles one way down the cliff of a plateau to get water for themselves and their families. Every day the struggle is deathly because of the vipers and the hippos, Africa’s most dangerous animal. Thanks to generous donors and volunteers, Fountains of Hope installed a pumping station and purification system, bringing water to a school for the entire village.


Contaminated water is the #1 cause of death in developing countries. It is responsible for life-threatening diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis, and giardia. Fountains of Hope International has the technology, the passion and the heart to change this statistic. Through the generosity of donors and volunteers, children and entire communities can drink safe water and learn safe hygiene practices.

Girl Carrying Water

Key Sponsors and Partners

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