Serving Schools, Orphanages & Churches



Serving Schools

Fountains of Hope safe water systems impacts large communities of people. In other words, it is not a single-family solution. Therefore, schools, orphanages, and churches are great matches for our system.

At Vine Christian Academy in Banda, Uganda, Typhoid was a major problem for the orphaned children. As orphans, they were given the HIV Aids virus from their parents. This made them even more susceptible to water-borne diseases. After three years of using the purifier, they have had no reports of Typhoid.

Serving Orphanages

In impoverished countries, orphanages are often the last to receive adequate support from local communities or governments. However, orphanages are treasure mines of talented children and young people who can make a difference in their countries. Often, we hear of orphans who want to become doctors and lawyers one day to fight against the issues they have faced as children in orphanages.

By enabling orphaned children to attend school and enjoy safe drinking water, you can help make a child's dream come true. You can impact life expectancy and empower a child to make a difference in their own country.


Serving Churches

Churches are frequently the center of village and community activity. People walk and travel long distances, sometimes hours, without safe water to hydrate themselves. Mothers have pleaded for their churches to provide safe water for their children so they can stay at the church building longer. Without rehydrating with safe water, they are not able to come to church or stay long.

Key Sponsors and Partners

Meet some of our sponsors and partners that help support our life-giving ministry efforts across the globe: