Why Get Involved


Why You Should Get Involved

The World Health Organization says that 80% of all sickness in the world is attributable to unsafe water and inadequate sanitation.

“A child dies every 21 seconds from disease due to unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation, and hygiene.” — UNICEF

The World Health Organization has estimated 1.424 million people with cholera; and annually, 21,000 to 23,000 deaths have resulted as of August 19, 2016. In Zimbabwe, there were 68,153 reported cases of cholera.

With statistics like these, and solutions available, something must be done! Fountains of Hope is a qualified organization that you can be involved with to help make a difference in the lives of suffering and hurting people worldwide. Join Fountains of Hope to save lives with safe water!

How You Can Get Involved

You can learn how to provide safe drinking water for others.

You can go on a life changing Fountains of Hope mission trip.

You can donate to provide safe water for those in need.

You can invite us to speak to your group, class, or organization.

How We Can Help You

Many people and organizations come to Fountains of Hope with safe water needs in areas where they already have relationships or are starting new ones. We can come alongside you, partner with you and help you plan and install a water purifier system based on your needs. We have joined many teams in partnership to reduce or eliminate water-borne diseases.

Our unique niche is water purification and not well or bore-hole drilling. There are many in the well drilling arena but not many organizations serving where Fountains of Hope is serving, in the large-capacity water purification arena. Our FoH water purifier system is ideal for serving the needs of 50 - 5000 people in schools, orphanages, churches, villages, medical facilities, IDP camps, and in disaster relief situations.

Contact us to help you strategize and plan as soon as possible in your solution development.

Key Sponsors and Partners

Meet some of our sponsors and partners that help support our life-giving ministry efforts across the globe: