According to World Bank, 50% of children were not attending school in Haiti in 2013. While the number of children attending a primary school has risen to over 80%, many children, around 60% of those students, will not attend school past 6th grade.


Schooling is critical for girls in Haiti to raise literacy rates and to protect their future. Girls in Haiti without an education are subjected to much higher rates of domestic violence and trafficking. 70% of Haitian women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.


Fountains of Hope has launched the "Hope Gives" campaign raising funds for 50 classrooms which feeds the children and include the salaries of teachers in Haiti. Just $100/month can provide a salary for a teacher, which will in turn provide opportunities for education for 30 students per teacher.


Food Mission

Fountains of Hope’s education and food program comes as a direct result of seeing first had the hunger and lack of education where our organization installs water purifier systems. FoH trains children, teachers, and parents about safe health and hygiene practices.


We have found that if a child is hungry and comes to school, he or she cannot concentrate and get a good education. Your generosity will help FoH provide food and salaries for teachers ensuring that children receive a quality education.

  • Your monthly donation of $100 funds an entire classroom in Haiti for a month! This includes a teacher’s salary and provides a nutritious meal for up to 30 children each and every school day. Can you imagine the legacy your family will leave by helping up to 30 children go to school every year for only $100 monthly?

  • A gift of $250 funds a pallet of food provides meals for 7,128 children or enough food to feed an entire school for a month!

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Disaster Relief

Fountains of Hope (FoH) has a big heart for suffering people. The Haiti earthquake and later cholera outbreak were disasters where we helped thousands of people. There have been numerous other occasions since where FoH helped to meet the urgent safe water needs in places such as Haiti, Kenya, Nepal and Puerto Rico. FoH is always ready for future disasters and will be on the front lines helping to provide safe water.

Our founder, Bill Farrar, has a heart for helping people by going to the front lines when natural disasters occur. He has a passion for taking teams to help with the physical needs by installing water purifier systems but even more in meeting the spiritual needs by sharing the “Living Water” of Jesus Christ with others.

Ways you can help during disaster:

  • Individuals, companies and churches can help fundraise for water purifier systems for those affected by disaster. Every dollar, whether small or large, is appreciated and will be combined to fund FoH systems installed for disaster victims.

  • Pray for our FoH Go-Teams as we travel into harm’s way.

  • Volunteer to be on our Go-Team.


Health & Hygiene Training

Clean water always makes people healthier, but health skyrockets and disease rates plummet when people understand basic hygiene practices.  Fountains of Hope occasionally conducts Health and Hygiene training to help missionaries and NGO's instruct the women, children and teachers in their communities.

Nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by a combination of unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene; half of the hospital beds in the world are filled by people suffering from a water-related condition.


The World Health Organization says the single most cost-effective health intervention in the world is handwashing with soap, which alone could cut incidence of diarrhea in half!


Mountains of Shoes

135,000 Pairs To Date!

135,000 pairs of donated shoes have already been sent by FoH to Haiti, Ukraine and other countries through a partnership with Dr. Comfort Shoes, Children’s Lifeline-Haiti, U.S. Air Force and local churches. While water purification is our primary focus, we have been blessed to be able to also provide thousands of shoes to those in need. 


World Smiles Mission

The World Smiles Mission was created not only to supply toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and supplies to those in need, but also to establish a culture of oral care in every country we enter. Our goal is not to extract teeth when it is too late, but rather to save teeth. We hope that with our assistance, citizens of these countries will understand the importance of oral health and will be able to constitute habits and norms that are kept for generations to come.


The World Smiles Mission has sent thousands of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental tools with Fountains of Hope to Haiti, Zimbabwe and Uganda.  FoH team members then pass these items out to children in orphanages and in rural areas. Please support The World Smiles Mission by clicking on their logo below.

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Strings With Wings

Don and Donna Cherry are dear friends of Fountains of Hope and founded a musical instrument ministry called Stings With Wings Don has been buying, overhauling and giving away new and used guitars and also sending them on Fountains of Hope mission trips with Bill Farrar.


Typically, Bill hand carries two guitars on many FoH mission trips and plays them in churches and orphanages where he visits.  He is always looking for people or churches where the guitars can be left leave them fulfilling Don's wish to help minister to people around the world. Thank you Don and Donna for blessing so many people worldwide!