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Financial Policy

It is important that in securing funds for Fountains of Hope International, we observe and confine ourselves to a biblical and God-honoring way. Faith and prayer will be our primary and constant approach to the supply of our needs.
The following are the guiding principles under which Fountains of Hope will operate:

1. The ministry belongs to the Lord, not to the Board, the staff, or the leaders. We are all servants in the work of His kingdom.

2. The Lord has blessed Fountains of Hope International, but if He ever closes a door to our work, we will accept His leading and yield the outcome to Him. Until then, we will devote all our energy to fulfilling our calling.

3. When financial needs and opportunities become apparent, we will present them to God’s people for their prayerful consideration in a clear, sensitive, and non-apologetic way.

4. We are dedicated to the principle of spending as the Lord provides and avoiding deficit spending. We will not presume upon tomorrow and incur debt. But, rather, will wait for the Lord to provide the resources to accomplish His will. We recognize the Lord’s direction is, in part, dictated by His provision or lack of provision.

5. We will not accept government funds, directly or indirectly, which would in any way bring us under the control of the regulating powers of governmental agencies and which might conflict with or require us to compromise our doctrinal position or founding purpose.

6. We consider every gift as sacrificially given from the Lord’s people. Our obligation is to be faithful stewards and to use that money conservatively and wisely.

7. When we make a purchase, our policy is to pay the invoice as soon as possible, preferably within five working days.

8. Personal budgets for staff are determined and approved by the Board and may not exceed set limits.

9. We conform to the Platinum Level standards established by GuideStar, an organization created to assure ethical and transparent monetary practices.  All our previous 990's may be reviewed on The most current can be viewed below.

In summary, this is the Lord’s ministry. We are accountable to Him and to His people who have entrusted us with their resources to enable us to fulfill the Lord’s vision for Fountains of Hope International. We intend, by His grace, to keep that trust.

View Fountains of Hope International, Inc. most recent 2022 Form 990 Return here:

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