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Hand Hygiene

Health & Hygiene Training

Join us for a day of health and hygiene training that provides practical ways to help improve the community health of the places you visit in third world countries.  Our training course teaches about community mapping, waterborne diseases, other parasite and diseases and healthy hygiene practices. We also teach about best practices to use around the new community water system that might be installed while the team is there.

Once you are trained, Fountains of Hope welcomes you to join us on a trip to put your new skills into practice.  A FoH Trip will change your life forever!


Water Purification System Training

Fountains of Hope provides regular training session or individual trainings to people interested in installing their own water purifier systems (that can be obtained from FoH) or to understand systems that are installed by the FoH team.  It is best of you join Bill or one of our trainers on a trip so you understand everything that is needed to assess the site, install the purifier and train the water team in the indigenous countries we visit.

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