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While monetary contributions clearly matter to the FOH effort to supply safe water to the world, there is no greater way to change lives than by having you personally volunteer to take a trip with FoH to install water purifiers.  You can join us by going on a trip to Haiti, Africa, India, Nepal, etc. 

Getting your “boots on the ground” will change your life and ours!  FoH knows once you’ve personally experienced the challenges of safe water in the world, this will become a lifelong passion, and that you will be a champion for the cause of water! 


Other ways to volunteer and help locally: 

Office help, recruitment, part assembly, web design, graphics artist, sponsoring a fundraiser, internship, etc. 

Volunteers could help organize golf outings, lead a trip, or organize a prayer team.  

Contact us!


We at Fountains of Hope love having interns volunteer with our organization helping for the summer or a set period of time.  You will be working on a specific project during your time with us focusing on an area where you are majoring or have personal talent and strength.  We are always looking to have engineering, medical, marketing, communications, web design, graphics artists, and video production majors join our team!  But don’t let that limit you! Fill out our Internship Application or give us a call and ask if we can use a person with your talents and/or major!  Call Bill and request an Internship packet and application at 317-289-9170.

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