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Welcome to our Fountains of Hope website! We hope you will take a moment or two to look around and find out how you can make a difference in this world of ours. 

Luis's Story

Luis and his family (wife Jessica and son Sebastian) moved from Venezuela to the United States ten years ago, looking for a better life for their family.  Luis is a civil engineer who helps families with insurance and finance.  His passion is to help others in whatever way he can.  That's why he's so happy and grateful to be part of Fountains of Hope.  He hopes to do a mission trip one day soon.  He and his family live in Westfield, and Luis enjoys spending time with his family having picnics, hiking, and cycling.   Also, Luis and his son do Spartan races and rock climbing together.  The family attends Itown Church (Olson Farms). 


Feel free to contact Luis with your Fountains of Hope questions by email or on LinkedIn.

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