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Considered a water-stressed country, 40% of people in Haiti lack access to safe water. Due to the absence of proper sewage sanitation systems, most water sources in Haiti are contaminated with human waste. Diseases, such as Cholera, have stolen more than 8,500 lives in Haiti since the devastating earthquake in January 2010. Prayerfully consider sponsoring a purifier in Haiti.


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Before Hurricane Maria hit, between January 2015 and March 2018, 97% of Puerto Rico's population was served water that didn't meet the Safe Drinking Water Act's lead and copper testing requirements. FoH partners with many local churches, ministries, businesses, and foundations to provide safe water.



358 million people in Africa do not have access to safe water. That’s more than the population of the entire United States! The task of collecting water is often delegated to women or young girls. A walk to water can bring on an encounter with dangerous animals; the water collected can be even more dangerous.


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Contaminated water is the #1 cause of death in developing countries. FoH helps prevent life-threatening diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis, and giardia by successfully installing safe water purifiers for their communities. We understand that it is ordinary people like you and me that choose to believe that we can make a difference.


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Worldwide, 1.5 million children die each year from diarrhea-related illness. Diarrhea is most often caused by water-borne diseases from contaminated water sources. FoH has successfully installed safe water purifiers for many communities in Africa. Prayerfully consider making a donation to help a school, orphanage, or village today.



The population in India is a staggering 1.2 billion. Most of the water sources in India are contaminated with sewage and agricultural runoff. More than 100 million people lack access to safe water while 806 million people living in India do not have access to adequate sanitation. Lack of safe water has led to diseases which have caused many diarrhea-related deaths.

Pick a Location

That’s right. Pick your own location! FoH has found that many churches and small groups would like to fund a water project for a specific orphanage, school, church, or medical facility in a third world country but need help in making it happen. FoH can mobilize a team to travel to the country and location of your choice. If desired, you or your small group can travel with FoH on a short-term mission trip and work alongside the FoH team as they install a life-saving water purifier. Whatever your talent, we can use you!

FoH has partnered with many local churches, ministries, businesses, and foundations to provide many successful water projects all over the world. We can even train your team to take water purifier systems anywhere around the world, but we require that you maintain a close relationship with the people you are working with so that the purifier system can be monitored and maintained as needed.

Contact FoH to let us know if there is a specific country or location that you would like to fund and/or install a water purifier. And if you feel called, join us on the trip! You can transform your project into an unforgettable, hands-on mission experience as we work together to provide the gift of safe water to a community in need.


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Hall of Fame Projects



An elementary school in Binga, Zimbabwe near the Zambezi River is healthy recipients of a new solar powered pumping station that lifts water 600 feet, and then is purified with our portable system. Our teams are known to work in adventurous locations!


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Several water systems were installed in the Kenyan refugee camps during the Kenyan Post Election Violence. Many people were killed during this time and Bill Farrar, our Executive Director, was holed up in his room due to machine gun fire on the street outside his hotel. Not much will stop Bill!



Our largest water purification system utilizes five 1,000-gallon tanks that provide 5,000 gallons of safe water daily to the Children’s Lifeline Ministry and community in La Digue Matthiou, Haiti.  The system was sponsored by River Oaks Community Church, Goshen, IN.