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At the Edge

August 12, 2023 - Kenya

My daily alarm, when I set it, is a modern classical piece by Johnathan Elias titled “At the Edge”. For me it consistently evokes a feeling of hope and expectation; almost — I know this can be an elusive concept for some— Joy.

So it’s 10:30 at night, here, mild, I’m not getting eaten by malarial mosquitos, and I’m seeing the twinkling lights across Lake Victoria from my bedroom window, literally at the edge of the lake (what a view). I have just finished an amazing conversation with the team. It ranged from death to life, from grief to restoration and WTF was God thinking when this happened (insert your own trial).

What came of it was a bonding and respect for each of our journeys and an expectation for the future; whatever it holds.

As expected our 24 hour travel day was just that. It (FINALLY) ended with a negotiation with our baggage handler and a relatively mild “donation” to get ALL of our bags through the immigration process for the least amount of money ever (at least in Kenya).

We are WAY ahead of schedule including securing most of the local supplies that we need to complete all of or installations. Thank you God!

Because we weren’t stressing about what the week held and how we were going to get it all done, it afforded all four of us to have an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about where we are in life, including a newly widowed husband that would have been celebrating his 40th anniversary this month.

Early on any of these trips, as I write, I always use imperative words like hope and expectation. Normally it relates to what we are going to do, and what we can achieve; these will be good things to be sure and will occur, which is very WESTERN thinking.

But my firm belief is that it will be much deeper for all of us… I think there will be a catharsis, and a couple of dawning recognitions, as well as a movement and a peaceful resolve that will take place this week as we endeavor to serve others but in fact are healed and moved ourselves in the process.

We are all at the edge…

If I was smart enough I would include a link to “At the Edge” by Johnathan Elias. But I’m not. If you have an extra 5 min in your life, Google it and play it. You won’t be sorry.

Written by

Brian McCall

Also my photo cred

It was either this sunrise or a pic of my amazing gecko roomate.

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