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God is At Work in Zimbabwe

Updated: Jul 11

During our most recent trip to Zimbabwe we installed water purifiers in Victoria Falls and Gweru, while God did a whole lot more.

The clean water we take for granted in the US is a luxury in many Zimbabwe communities, so they receive the gift of pure water with joy, appreciation, and relief that the school children can drink without risking serious health issues. This opens the door for us to share even better news: that faith in the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cross is rewarded with an inheritance of eternal life with our Father in heaven where we will all drink from the river of life.

We had many opportunities to share our faith individually with the children and school staff, and to show the Jesus Film with a group of about 75-100 6th graders. The kids were absolutely absorbed by the film. Many reacted to the crucifixion scene with audible groans and some even covered their eyes at the sight of Jesus’s hands being nailed to the cross. After the film, FOH Country Director Smallmatter Zulu and I preached about faith, and then Zulu led the kids for 30 minutes of worship. I never saw 6th graders so happy and excited!

Of course, you can’t go to Africa without also seeing the power, sovereignty, and creativity of the Author of life. We saw and experienced the powerful and majestic rumbling of the giant Victoria Falls, stared in wonder at the clear and awesome view of the expansive Milky Way galaxy in the night sky, and watched in complete amazement as two cheetahs patiently hunted a lone Sable at a watering hole in the Hwange national park. God’s creation for us to enjoy and take dominion over, all while Jesus upholds the universe by the word of his power. (Heb 1:3)

For me, installing water purifiers is not just a gift to Zimbabwe. It’s an act of worship. And as is typical with God, we get more out of it than anything we put into it.

Written by Mark Colucci

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